Zolochiv Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army

Zolochiv Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army (Zolochivska [4] brygada UHA). A unit of the Second Corps of the Ukrainian Galician Army, formed out of the Eastern Group in January 1919. It consisted of four infantry battalions, a cavalry machine-gun company, and two artillery regiments. In June the brigade scored victories against the Poles at Chortkiv, Terebovlia, Berezhany, and Pomoriany, and in August it marched with the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic to Kyiv, defeating the Red Army at Proskuriv, Starokostiantyniv, Shepetivka, Zhytomyr, and Korosten. In the fall of 1919 it was deployed against Anton Denikin's army, and in the spring of 1920 it fought on the Polish front. The brigade commanders were Col Didiukiv, Maj Stepan Shukhevych (February–May 1919), Col S. Chmelyk (May–July 1919), Maj Liaskovsky, and Maj Bohuslav Shashkevych.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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