Committee for the Relief of the Population of Southern Russia Suffering from Military Actions (Комитет для оказания помощи населению Юга России, пострадавшему от военних действий; Komitet dlia okazaniia pomoshchi naseleniiu Yuga Rossii, postradavshemu ot voennykh deistvii, also known as the Relief Association for the Population of Southern Russia [Общество помощи населению Юга России; Obshchestvo pomoshchi naseleniiu Yuga Rossii]). A Ukrainian relief society organized in Kyiv and active throughout Ukraine, and to some extent throughout the Russian Empire, in 1914–18. It was recognized by the government in May 1915. The society provided aid to war refugees, as well as to those Ukrainians forcibly deported from Galicia and Bukovyna by the Russian authorities and to Ukrainian soldiers who had served in the Austrian army and had been captured by the Russians and interned in prisoner of war camps. The committee was headed by Volodymyr Ihnatovych, the vice-president was Dmytro Doroshenko, and the secretary was M. Ishumina. Among its more active members were Liudmyla Starytska-Cherniakhivska, Andrii Viazlov, L. Shulhyna, Nataliia Doroshenko, and Nadiia Shulhyna-Ishchuk.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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