Sviatohirsk [Святогірськ; Sviatohirs’k]. Map: IV-18, DB I-3. A city (2014 pop 4,630) on the Donets River in Donetsk oblast, administered by the Sloviansk city council. Its origins can be traced to the village of Banne (or Banivske), which was established by Prince Grigorii Potemkin near his palace and baths at the end of the 18th century. Under the Soviet regime it was converted into a health resort. In 1964 the town was granted city status and renamed Slovianohirsk. In independent Ukraine in 2003 it was renamed Sviatohirsk. It has three sanatoriums, a recreational base, and a campsite. A 17th-century limestone church and the Sviati Hory Dormition Monastery stand within the city limits.

[This article was updated in 2009.]

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