Image - Ananiv, Odesa oblast (panorama). Image - Coat of Arms of Ananiv (19th century to present) Image - Ananiv, Odesa oblast: cultural center.

Ananiv [Ананьїв; Anan'jiv]. Map: VI-10. City (2017 pop 8,331) located in the southeast of the Podolian Upland; a raion center in Odesa oblast. Ananiv was founded in the mid-18th century and was part of the Ottoman Empire. It is first mentioned in 1767. In 1792 it came under Russian rule in accordance with the Treaty of Iaşi. In 1834 it became a county town in Kherson gubernia within the Russian Empire. Ananiv has not developed because of its distance from railway lines (in 1926 its population was 18,200). During the Ukrainian struggle for independence (1917–20) the population of Ananiv actively supported the government of the Ukrainian National Republic. In particular, local insurgents, supported by the UNR Army, defeated the Bolshevik forces in the town in April 1920. A monument commemorating their struggle was erected in 2018. In 1923 Ananiv became a raion centre, and in 1941 it was granted a city status. Today the city has a food industry and consumer-goods industry. The town’s cultural institutions include a historical and art museum which is a branch of the Odesa Art Museum.

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