Image - Andrushivka, Zhytomyr oblast: Tereshchenko palace (today School No 1). Image - Andrushivka, Zhytomyr oblast: park.

Andrushivka [Андрушівка; Andrušivka]. Map: III-10. City (2018 pop 8,606) in the Dnipro Upland on the Huiva River, a raion center in Zhytomyr oblast. Andrushivka was first mentioned as Andrusovka in 1683 as a village in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In 1793, following the Second Partition of Poland, it came under Russian rule. Andrushivka became a town in 1859. In 1975 it was granted a city status. Andrushivka’s population is employed mostly in the food industry (sugar refining and distilling). The city’s most notable architectural monument is a 19th-century palace of the Berzhynskys (later belonging to the Tereshchenko family).

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