Antonovych, Mykhailo

Antonovych, Mykhailo [Antonovyč, Myxajlo], b 20 November 1910 in Florence, d 24 April 1954 in the Magadan. Historian, son of Dmytro Antonovych and Kateryna Antonovych, research associate of the Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Berlin from 1936 to 1941, lecturer at Breslau University and at Vienna University. His writings include a PhD dissertation on Prince Nikolai Repnin, the Governor General of Saxony (1936), Istoriia Ukraïny (A History of Ukraine, 4 vols, 1941-2), Studiï z chasiv Nalyvaika (Studies of the Times of Nalyvaiko, 1941), and Pereiaslavs’ka kampaniia 1630 r. (The Pereiaslav Campaign of 1630, 1944). In 1945 he was seized by Soviet agents in Berlin and was deported to the USSR. There he was incarcerated in prison camps until his death in a traffic accident while being convoyed.

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