Association of Panfuturists

Image - The first and only issue of the futurist journal Bumerang u maibutnie (1922). Image - The futurist collection Holfstorm (1925).

Association of Panfuturists (Асоціація панфутуристів or Аспанфут; Asotsiiatsiia panfuturystiv or Aspanfut). A futurist literary group founded in Kyiv in 1922 by Mykhailo Semenko, Oleksa Slisarenko, Geo Shkurupii, Yu. Shpol (Mykhailo Yalovy), Myroslav Irchan, and others. It later became the Association of Communist Culture (ASKK or Komunkult). The work of Aspanfut is characterized by experimentalism masked by declarations to put an end to art and place it at the service of revolutionary propaganda. The group published almanacs and collections, including Semafor u maibutnie (Semaphore into the Future) and Bumeranh u maibutnie (A Boomerang into the Future) (both 1922), Holfshtorm (Gulf Stream, 1925), and Komunkult (1925). It disintegrated in 1924–5, but many of its members came together again in Nova Generatsiia.

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Image - The futurist collection Komunkult (1925).

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