Augustus II, Frederick

Augustus II, Frederick, b 12 May 1670 in Dresden, d 31 January 1733 in Warsaw. Elector of Saxony (1694-1733) and the first Polish king of the Saxon dynasty (1697-1733). Augustus signed the Treaty of Karlowitz with Turkey in 1699, by which Poland regained Podilia and Right-Bank Ukraine. In 1704 his government suppressed the rebellion of Semen Palii. Augustus's alliance with Peter I during the Great Northern War (1700–21) subjected Poland to extensive Russian influence. As a result of the Swedish victory over the Polish army in 1704 Augustus was forced to renounce the throne in favor of Stanislaus I Leszczyński, the man preferred by Charles XII of Sweden. Augustus regained the throne after the Battle of Poltava (1709). In 1719–20 Augustus II and his government maintained close relations with Pylyp Orlyk and other followers of Ivan Mazepa.

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