Avanhard (Avant-garde)

Image - Avanhard No. 3 (1929).

Avanhard (Avant-garde) (Авангард). An organization of leftist writers that existed in Kharkiv in 1926–9 and was closely associated with futurism. It was headed by Valeriian Polishchuk and published Biuleten' Avanhardu and three issues of the journal Avanhard. Its members included writers Petro Holota, Hryhorii (Heo) Koliada, Oleksander Levada, R. Troianker, Leonid K. Chernov, and Edvard Strikha; painters Vasyl Yermilov and Heorhii Tsapok; and composers Yulii Meitus and Kost Bohuslavsky. The group was heavily criticized by the Party officials for ‘literary hooliganism’ and forced to dissolve. Following its dissolution, most of its members joined Nova Generatsiia.

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