Baluhiansky, Mykhailo

Baluhiansky, Mykhailo, aka Baludiansky [Балугянський (Балудянський), Михайло; Baluh’jans'kyj (Baludjans'kyj), Myxajlo], b 26 September 1769 in Vyshnia Olshava (Vyšná Olšava) in the Prešov region, d 15 April 1847 in Saint Petersburg. Economist and lawyer. Baluhiansky studied in Vienna and Budapest and was a law professor at the Nagyvárad academy in Transylvania. In 1804 he was invited to take up the position of professor of political economy at the Saint Petersburg Pedagogical Institute. In 1819–21 he was the first rector of Saint Petersburg University. From 1804 Baluhiansky sat on the government commission that compiled the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire. Under his direction the Code of Laws of the Western Gubernias [ie, of Ukraine and Belarus] was published in 1838. In political outlook Baluhiansky was a moderate liberal and an advocate of peasant reforms. He maintained contacts with the cultural figures of Transcarpathia. Baluhiansky’s works deal mostly with economic problems, such as the distribution of national wealth.

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[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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