Beklemishev, Hryhorii

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Beklemishev, Hryhorii [Беклемішев, Григорій; Beklemišev, Hryhorij], b 4 February 1881 in Moscow, d 5 February 1935 in Kyiv. Pianist and pedagogue. He graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1900 and in 1913 became a professor at the Kyiv Conservatory. In 1923 he became a professor at the Kyiv at the Lysenko Music and Drama Institute. He was the author of many piano transcriptions, including Three Piano Pieces on Folk Songs (1930). Between 1924 and 1928 Beklemishev organized in Kyiv at the Lysenko Institute an unprecedented series of 177 open concert-lectures (Musical-Historical Demonstrations) at which he introduced and performed over 2000 piano works, encompassing virtually the entire history of European music.

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