Lysenko Music and Drama Institute

Image - Teachers and students Lysenko Music and Drama Institute (1924-25). Frirst row f-l: Mykhailo Verykivsky, Mykola Hrinchenko, Pylyp Kozytsky, and Levko Revutsky.

Lysenko Music and Drama Institute (Музично-драматичний інститут ім. М. Лисенка; Muzychno-dramatychnyi instytut im. M. Lysenka). Music school named after Mykola Lysenko and established in 1918 in Kyiv, succeeding the Lysenko Music and Drama School. The institute served as a major training center for many of the most promising musical and stage talents in Soviet Ukraine. It functioned until 1934, when it was restructured as the Kyiv Conservatory and the Kyiv Institute of Theater Arts. Musicians such as Kyrylo Stetsenko, Mykola Leontovych, Mykhailo Mykysha, Pylyp Kozytsky, Dmytro Revutsky, Reinhold Glière, Borys Liatoshynsky, Viktor Kosenko, Lev Revutsky, and Mykhailo Verykivsky; pianists such as N. Neuhaus and Hryhorii Beklemishev; and theater directors and actors such as Les Kurbas, Ivan Marianenko, Yosyp Stadnyk, Oleksander Zaharov, and Mariia Starytska taught at the institute.

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