Bratkovsky, Danylo

Bratkovsky, Danylo [Братковський, Данило; Bratkovs'kyj], b ?, d 26 November 1702 in Lutsk. Civic official of the Volhynian nobility, member of the Lutsk Brotherhood of the Elevation of the Cross, defender of the Orthodox faith and the rights of the Ukrainian population at the diets of the Kyiv and Volhynian nobility. In 1700 Bratkovsky established relations with Hetman Ivan Mazepa and later took part in Semen Palii's rebellion. He composed an appeal to the Orthodox population of Poland, calling on it to resist the Jesuits and Uniates. While the rebellion was being suppressed by the nobles, Bratkovsky was executed in Lutsk. He published a collection of poems, Świat po cześci przejrzany (The World Seen Part by Part, 1697). He was beatified by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate on 27 June 2013.

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