Chas (Chernivtsi)

Chas (Chernivtsi) (Time). The only Ukrainian daily in Chernivtsi from 1 October 1928 to 26 June 1940. The first owner and editor was T. Hlynsky. From 1929 it was owned by a publishing association that had its own press, directed by Teodor Ivanytsky. From 1938 it was owned by a joint-stock company directed by E. Turushanko. The main editors were V. Mehydyniuk (1928), Yurii Serbyniuk (1929–32), and Lev Kohut (1932–40). Other staff members included O. Mehydyniuk, S. Pihuliak, O. Masikevych, V. Yakubovych, Volodymyr Kmitsykevych, Teofil Bryndzan, A. Kyryliv, Iliarii Karbulytsky, Opanas Shevchukevych, and V. Huzar.

Chas published articles on Bukovynian current affairs and history, belles lettres, a women's section (edited by Olha Huzar), and a weekly issue for farmers. It had a liberal democratic profile and supported the Ukrainian National party in elections to the Romanian parliament. Chas engaged in heated polemics with the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Bukovyna. It is an important source for the history of Bukovyna in the 1920s–1930s.

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