Chekhovych, Konstantyn

Chekhovych, Konstantyn [Чехович, Константин; Čexovyč], b 21 May 1896 in Khyryna, Peremyshl county, Galicia, d 2 February 1987 in Tczew, Poland. A philologist and Slavist, lecturer at the Ukrainian Free University in Prague, and professor of Slavic philology at the Greek Catholic Theological Academy in Lviv. He was general secretary (1931–9) of the Ukrainian Theological Scholarly Society in Lviv. Chekhovych wrote a study of Oleksander Potebnia’s philosophy (1931) and published a Slavic studies journal Slovo (Lviv, 1936–8). In 1945 he was arrested and spent eleven years in Soviet labor camps. After 1956 Chekhovych lived in Poland.

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