Chuikevych [Čujkevyč]. Name of a Cossack starshyna family in the Hetman state, descended from the brothers Oleksander Chuikevych, town chancellor of Poltava (1666–89), and Vasyl Chuikevych, general judge (1706–9). Oleksander's son Fedir Chuikevych was a fellow of the standard (1735) and an eminent jurist. One of his descendants, Petro Chuikevych (1818–ca 1875), was a pedagogue and ethnographer who belonged to the Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood. A son of Vasyl Chuikevych, Semen, was a leading member of the General Military Chancellery (1728–30), judge of the Nizhyn regiment (1730–4), and a member of the Codification Commission (1728–43) and the General Court (1744).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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