General Court

General Court [Генеральний суд; Heneralnyi sud]. The highest judicial body in the Ukrainian National Republic, enacted by the Central Rada on 17 December 1917. The General Court was empowered to rule on legal matters arising in the UNR that, prior to the Revolution of 1917, had been adjudicated by the Russian Senate. The court had three divisions—criminal, civil, and administrative—and a prosecutors' office. On 15 January and 2 April 1918 the Central Rada appointed the following as judges of the General Court: P. Achkasov, O. Butovsky, Arnold Margolin, Dmytro Markovych, Popov, Pukhtynsky, M. Radchenko, O. Khrutsky, Serhii Shelukhyn, Hryhorii Shyianov, Andrii Viazlov, and P. Yatsenko. On 8 July 1918 the General Court was transformed by the Hetman government into the State Senate.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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