Daniłowicz, Ignacy

Daniłowicz, Ignacy [Данилович, Ігнатій; Danylovych, Ihnatii], b 30 July 1788 in Hrynevychi, Podlachia, d 12 July 1843 in Bad Gräfenberg, Silesia (now Jeseník, Czech Republic). Legal historian. The son of a Ukrainian clergyman, Daniłowicz studied at Vilnius University, where he later taught (1814–24); he became a professor at Kharkiv University (1825–30), Kyiv University (where in 1835–9 he was dean of the faculty of law), and Moscow University. A student of Lithuanian-Ruthenian law, he enthusiastically advocated its revival. He discovered and published the statute of King Casimir IV Jagiellończyk and the Lithuanian-Ruthenian Chronicle. The code of local laws for the western gubernias, which Daniłowicz prepared for the Russian government, was never implemented. His major works consisted of articles on the Lithuanian chronicles, Lithuanian Statute, and Lithuanian-Ruthenian law.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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