Dnipro-Teteriv Game Preserve

Dnipro-Teteriv Game Preserve (Дніпровсько-Тетерівське державне лісомисливське господарство; Dniprovsko-Teterivske derzhavne lisomyslyvske hospodarstvo). Located along the Dnipro River in the northern Kyiv region, the preserve lies within Kyivan Polisia. It was established in 1967 for the purposes of integrated forest management and wildlife protection and management and regeneration of game species. The preserve covers an area of 37,300 ha, of which 19,500 ha are forests (pine, oak, birch, aspen, etc), 10,200 ha consist of water resources (a part of the Kyiv Reservoir and the Teteriv River), and 7,400 ha form a protective zone. The elk, red deer, roe deer, European wild boar, and common hare are the main terrestrial game species; others include the fox, raccoon, dog, marten, otter, polecat, beaver, and the muskrat, which has been acclimatized. The chief bird species include the black grouse, dabbling duck, and tern. Some rare birds, such as the black stork and the white-tailed fish eagle, nest at the reserve.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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