Dnipro Metallurgical Complex

Dnipro Metallurgical Complex (Дніпровський металургійний комбінат; Dniprovskyi metalurhiinyi kombinat). Located in Kamianske, this is the largest metallurgical plant in Ukraine. It was built with foreign capital in 1887–9 by the South Russian Dnipro Metallurgical Company as the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant. By the First World War it was the largest metallurgical plant in the Russian Empire. In 1913 the plant produced over 499,000 tonnes of pig iron, 368,000 tonnes of steel, and 299,000 tonnes of rolled steel. Following the Revolution of 1917 it resumed operations in 1925, after undergoing reconstruction until 1924. The plant was expanded in the 1930s, evacuated in 1941, and again reconstructed and modernized after the Second World War. By 1949 it was producing 44 percent more pig iron and 37 percent more steel than before the war. After a new blast furnace (no. 12) was put into operation, the plant began to smelt more iron than was produced annually in all of the Russian Empire before 1917—4.2 million tonnes. Its basic output consists of agglomerated ores, pig iron, steel, rolled steel, pipes, rails, plates, and axles. In 1958 the plant became the first plant in the world to apply the technology of oxygen-enriched forced air and natural gas to the smelting of refined pig iron. In 1984 the Dnipro Metallurgical Plant was reorganized into the Dnipro Metallurgical Complex. Today the complex annually produces 4.35 million tonnes of pig iron, 3.85 million tonnes of steel, and 3.83 million tonnes of rolled steel.

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