Image - Kamianske: Prometheus monument (symbol of the city). Image - Kamianske: Central Library. Image - Kamianske: Lesia Ukrainka Drama Theater.

Kamianske [Кам’янське]. Map: V-15. City (2018 pop 235,066) in Dnipropetrovsk oblast, situated on the right bank of the Kamianske Reservoir of the Dnipro River. Between 1936 and 2016 it was called Dniprodzerzhynsk. Today Kamianske is a river port and an important industrial center. The city was first mentioned in 1750. Kamianske owes its development to the metallurgical plant (today the Dnipro Metallurgical Complex)that was built there in 1887–9, the largest plant of its kind in the Russian Empire. The plant was built in Kamianske because of its geographic-economic location: it was linked by railroad to the coal mines of the Donbas and the iron-ore mines of the Kryvyi Rih Iron-ore Basin, and it was close to a large river route. In 1917 the town became a city. Its population grew rapidly: it was 18,000 in 1898, 35,000 in 1910, 34,000 (of which 54.3 percent was Ukrainian, 29 percent Russian, 16.7 percent other) in 1926, 148,000 in 1939, 194,000 (71 percent Ukrainian, 23 percent Russian) in 1959, 227,000 in 1970. The main branches of industry in Kamianske are metallurgy, machine building, a coke-chemical industry, and a building-materials industry; as well there is light industry and a food industry. The main enterprises are the Dnipro Metallurgical Complex, the Dnipro Coke-Chemical Plant, a chemicals complex, a railway-coach plant, a boiler equipment and turbine plant, a reinforced-concrete plant, and a cement plant. In 1965 the Dniprodzerzhynsk Hydroelectric Station (now Middle Dnipro Hydroelectric Station), with a capacity of 352,000 kW, was built. The city houses The Dnipro State Technical University, six colleges, two tekhnikums, a medical school, a teachers' school, a drama theater, a dance ensemble called Dnipro, and a museum of local history.

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Image - Kamianske: industrial zone. Image - Kamianske: Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Church.

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