Dzyndra, Mykhailo

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Dzyndra, Mykhailo [Дзиндра, Михайло], b 8 November 1921, Demnia, Lviv county, Galicia, d 8 September 2006. Modernist sculptor; the brother of Yevhen Dzyndra. A student of the Lviv School of Applied and Decorative Art, Dzyndra emigrated in 1944 to Czechoslovakia and then to Germany and the United States. He created many, mostly abstract, compositions in cement, wire, and other materials. Alexander Archipenko's influence is evident in Dzyndra's work. Exhibits of his works have been held in Bamberg (1945), Nuremberg (1946), and the United States. The Ukrainian Artists' Association in the USA arranged an exhibit for him in 1978 in New York. He returned to Ukraine in 1991. Based on Dzyndra’s gift of 808 of his sculptures, the Museum of Modern Sculpture by Mykhailo Dzyndra was established in Lviv as a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery.

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Image - Mykhailo Dzyndra: King and Queen. Image - Mykhailo Dzyndra: Angel. Image - Mykhailo Dzyndra: Carollers. Image - Mykhailo Dzyndra: Family.

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