Fauna Ukraïny

Fauna Ukraïny (Фауна України; The Fauna of Ukraine). A monumental, 40-volume monograph series on all the animal species on Ukrainian and adjacent territories, which is being prepared and published by the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The project was started through the initiative of Ivan Pidoplichko (1905–75) and the first volume appeared in 1956. The initial editorial committee consisted of Volodymyr Kasianenko, Pidoplichko, I. Bilanovsky, H. Boshko, M. Voinstvensky, Oleksander P. Markevych, V. Puchkov, and I. Sokur. The first volumes of Fauna Ukraïny describe the vertebrates; the next volumes deal with the invertebrates; and the two final volumes will present the history of Ukraine’s fauna, its zoogeographical character, and the history of research. The work is an important achievement of Ukrainian zoology. It meets the highest standards of modern systematics. Based on large museum collections of Ukrainian fauna, Fauna Ukraïny summarizes many years of research and identifies the questions that still need to be investigated. Every family, genus, and species is provided a diagnosis, classification table, synonymy, a description of its distribution and ecological traits, and so on. By 2019, 29 volumes in 73 issues had been published.

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