Fedorchuk, Yaroslav

Fedorchuk, Yaroslav [Федорчук, Ярослав; Fedorčuk; also Fedortchouk, Jaroslav], b 1878 in Sniatyn, Galicia, d 1916 in Switzerland. Journalist, follower of Mykhailo Drahomanov. Fedorchuk settled in Geneva in 1902 and moved to Paris in 1906. He informed the French public about Ukrainian affairs and was a founding member of the Circle of Ukrainians in Paris. His articles on Ukrainian themes appeared in the weekly Le Courrier européen (1912–14), and he edited an issue (no. 3–4) of the journal Les Annales des nationalités devoted to Ukraine. Fedorchuk wrote the brochure Le Réveil national des Ukrainiens (1912) and, together with George Raffalovich, prepared a Memorandum on the Ukrainian Question in Its National Aspect (1914).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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