Image - Yurii Yasynivsky's Hirmologion. Image - Ivan Yuhasevych-Skliarsky's Hirmologion.

Hirmologion (Ukrainian: ірмолой; irmoloi, irmolohii, irmolohion). One of the liturgical books used in the Eastern churches. It contains all the hirmoi (irmoloi) and prayers that are to be sung during religious services and musical notations to them. The oldest extant hirmologion was preserved at the Basilian monastery in Supraśl, Poland. The first Ukrainian notated hirmologion was printed in Lviv in 1700 by the hieromonach at Saint George's Cathedral, Y. Horodetsky, and embellished by Nykodym Zubrytsky and Dionisii Sinkevych; the prolegomenon was written by Hegumen Y. Skolsky. Others were printed by the Lviv Dormition Brotherhood (1709, 1757), the Kyivan Cave Monastery (1753, 1769, 1778, 1791), and in Chernihiv (1761) and Pochaiv (1766, 1775, 1792, 1794).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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