Hulianytsky, Hryhorii

Hulianytsky, Hryhorii [Гуляницький, Григорій: Huljanyc’kyj, Hryhorij], b and d ? Cossack military figure and diplomat; Ukrainian nobleman from the Volhynia region. Hulianytsky was colonel of the Nizhyn regiment (1656–9) and the Korsun regiment (1662). He accomplished several diplomatic missions to Muscovy for Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Later he criticized Khmelnytsky's decision to seek alliances with the Ottoman Porte and Muscovy, becoming a leading proponent of a pro-Polish orientation by the Cossacks. He was a supporter of Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky, helped suppress the rebellion led by Yakiv Barabash and Martyn Pushkar against the hetman in 1657–8, and participated in Vyhovsky's campaign to end Ukraine's alliance with Muscovy. Hulianytsky particularly distinguished himself in the Ukrainian victory over the Russian army at the Battle of Konotop in 1659. After Vyhovsky's defeat and removal from office in 1659, Hulianytsky supported Hetman Yurii Khmelnytsky. In 1660 he helped conclude the Treaty of Slobodyshche. In 1663–4 he took part in Pavlo Teteria's campaign against the Muscovites in Left-Bank Ukraine, but was defeated in battle. Accused of treason by Stefan Czarniecki, he was imprisoned by the Poles in 1664. Released in 1667, he became a colonel of the Polish army in 1675.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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