Hvozdyk, Kyrylo

Image - Kyrylo Hvozdyk: Shepherds (1927). Image - Kyrylo Hvozdyk: A Radio in the Village (1929). Image - Kyrylo Hvozdyk: Peasants in the Field (1929).

Hvozdyk, Kyrylo [Гвоздик, Кирило], b 22 June 1895 in Rebedailivka, Chyhyryn county, Kyiv gubernia, d 20 June 1981 in Kyiv. Easel painter and monumentalist. In the 1920s he studied under Mykhailo Boichuk at the Kyiv State Art Institute and belonged to the Association of Revolutionary Art of Ukraine. He took part in painting the frescoes of the Peasant Sanatorium in Odesa (1928). He also depicted some scenes of peasant life such as Shepherds (1927), Radio in the Village (1929), Peasants in the Field (1929), and The Police Search. Hvozdyk was arrested and exiled in 1936 and rehabilitated in 1956. He then returned to Kyiv and resumed his artistic activity, but from then on adhered strictly to the style of socialist realism.

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Image - Kyrylo Hvozdyk: Ploughing the Field (fresco from the Peasant Sanatorium in Odesa,1928). Image - Kyrylo Hvozdyk: Destruction of a Nobles House (fresco from the Peasant Sanatorium in Odesa,1928). Image - Mykhailo Boichuk and his students (1934). From left: M. Boichuk, Kyrylo Hvozdyk, Ivan Padalka, Vasyl Sedliar, Oksana Pavlenko.

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