Iziaslav Volodymyrovych

Iziaslav Volodymyrovych [Iz'jaslav Volodymyrovyč], b and d ? A prince of the Olhovych house of Chernihiv, son of Volodymyr Ihorovych of Putyvl and grandson of Ihor Sviatoslavych of Chernihiv. In 1211 he was prince of Terebovlia. During the struggle among the princes of southern Kyivan Rus’ for the thrones of Kyiv and princely Halych, Iziaslav was a close ally of Mykhailo Vsevolodovych of Chernihiv. He pillaged Halych principality in 1233, and in 1235 he helped Mykhailo to defeat Volodymyr Riurykovych of Kyiv and Danylo Romanovych of Halych near Torcheske, to take Kyiv, and to drive Danylo Romanovych from Halych. Iziaslav became the prince of Kamianets in Volhynia. A Mongol vassal from 1240, his fate after he was captured by Danylo Romanovych in 1255 is unknown.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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