Kharkiv National University of Arts

Kharkiv National University of Arts [Харківський національний університет ім. Івана Котляревського; Kharkivskyi nationalnyi universytet im. Ivana Kotliarevskoho]. An institution of higher learning in Kharkiv under the jurisdiction the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine. It was formed in 1963 out of the Kharkiv Conservatory and the Kharkiv Theater Institute. In 2004 it was reorganized into Kharkiv State University of Arts. In 2011 the university was granted a national university status and assumed its current name. It has 3 faculties: musicology and performance, orchestra, and theater. Its regular program for performing artists and drama or music teachers requires four years to complete; correspondence and evening programs require one or two years more; and graduate program takes one year to complete. Well-known actors such as Oleksander Serdiuk and Leonid Tarabarynov have served on its faculty.

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