Khmelnytsky Regiment

Khmelnytsky Regiment (Pershyi ukrainskyi kozachyi im. hetmana B. Khmelnytskoho polk, aka Bohdanivtsi). Organized with the help of Gen Mykola Khodorovych and proclaimed on 1 May 1917 by Ukrainian soldiers of the Kyiv étape station, it became the first regular unit of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic. The regiment consisted of 16 companies with 3,600 men. From August to November it served at the front as part of the Tenth Infantry Division. In April 1918 the regiment was renamed the Third Khmelnytsky Zaporozhian Infantry Regiment and assigned to the Zaporozhian Corps. Its commanders were Capt D. Putnyk-Hrebeniuk, Lt Col Yurii Kapkan, Lt Col Yu. Lastovchenko, Col Oleksander Shapoval, Lt Col M. Lubianytsky, Col S. Lazurenko, and Col I. Kyrychenko. The regiment fought for Ukraine's independence until the end of 1920.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1989).]

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