Khyzhynsky, Leonid

Khyzhynsky, Leonid [Xyžyns’kyj], b 3 January 1896 in Miastkivka, Olhopil county, Podilia gubernia. Graphic artist of Heorhii Narbut's school. A graduate of the Kyiv Art School (1918), he studied with Narbut in 1920–1 and then at the Higher Artistic and Technical Institute in Leningrad (1922–7). He worked mostly in book graphics, designing such books as Maksym Rylsky's De skhodiat’sia dorohy (Where the Roads Meet, 1929) and Mykola Bazhan's Poeziï (Poems, 1930), and illustrating a volume of selected short stories by H. Keller, a collection of C. Goldoni's comedies, and Prosper Mérimée's novel La Chronique du temps de Charles IX (1960). He was particularly innovative in the art of bookplate. His works were displayed at the exhibitions of the Association of Independent Ukrainian Artists held in Lviv in 1932 and 1933–4. From the 1930s Khyzhynsky worked in Leningrad. A monograph about him was written by K. Kravchenko in 1964.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1989).]

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