Kolomyia Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army

Kolomyia Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army (Kolomyiska 2-ha brygada UHA). Formed in January 1919 out of the Stare Selo Group, the brigade consisted of three infantry regiments and an artillery regiment, and was part of the Second Corps of the Ukrainian Galician Army. Its commanders were Majs F. Tinkel (to June 1919) and R. Dudynsky, Col A. Vymetal, and Capt O. Revniuk. The brigade distinguished itself in combat against the Poles near Lviv, and later during the Chortkiv offensive. It took part in the Kyiv offensive against the Bolsheviks and entered Kyiv on 30 August 1919. Subsequently, it fought against Anton Denikin's army. When the Ukrainian Galician Army allied itself with the Red Army, the brigade was reorganized in the spring of 1920 into the Second Infantry Regiment of the Third Brigade of the Red Ukrainian Galician Army. In April 1920 the regiment along with the rest of the Third Brigade turned against the Bolsheviks, but was captured by the Poles and interned by them near Proskuriv.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1989).]

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