Kovshevych, Roman

Image - The Senate of the Lviv (Underground) Ukrainian University: sitting (l-r): M. Korduba, M. Panchyshyn, V. Shchurat, I. Kurovets, Maksym Levytsky; standing (l-r): I. Rakovsky, V. Verhanovsky, R. Kovshevych, M. Muzyka, M. Vakhnianyn.

Kovshevych, Roman [Ковшевич, Роман; Kovševyč], b 22 July 1873 in Jarosław, Galicia, d 3 March 1932 in Lviv. Lawyer, jurist, and educator. A graduate of Lviv University (LL D 1898), he served as a court official and continued to study canon law. During the First World War he fought in the ranks of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, and after the war he served as professor and dean of the law department at Lviv (Underground) Ukrainian University. In 1930 Kovshevych was invited by Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky to teach canon law at the Greek Catholic Theological Academy in Lviv. His publications include ‘De primis litibus ex antiquae Poloniae dioecesibus apud Romanam Rotam iudicatis’ and ‘De primis litibus Ucrainorum apud Romanam Curiam iudicatis’ (in Bohosloviia, 7 [1929]).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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