Kozlovsky, Vsevolod

Kozlovsky, Vsevolod [Козловський, Всеволод; Kozlovs'kyj], b 18 April 1877 in Lapkivtsi, Proskuriv county, Podilia gubernia, d ? Librarian and civic figure. In 1906 he was secretary of Hromads’ka dumka, the first Ukrainian daily newspaper in Kyiv. Having emigrated to Galicia, he served as secretary of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine (1914–17) and of the Ukrainian National Republic’s diplomatic legation in Berlin (1918). Upon returning to Ukraine in 1920, he worked in the National Library of Ukraine. In the 1930s he moved to Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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