Krakaliia, Kost

Krakaliia, Kost [Krakalija, Kost’], b 1884, d ?. Bukovynian political leader and journalist. Until 1922 he was a leading member of the Ukrainian section of the Social Democratic Party of Bukovyna. Then, abandoning the interests of the Ukrainian population of Bukovyna, he joined the Romanian National Farmer's party and headed its Ukrainian section (1922–30). During this period he edited the Ukrainian-language weekly Khliborob (1923) and Khliborobs’ka pravda (1924–38), in which he attacked the Ukrainian nationalist movement and supported the government's anti-Ukrainian policies. In 1920–2 and 1928–31 Krakaliia was a deputy to the Romanian Parliament. Breaking with the National Farmer's party in 1930, he collaborated with various other Romanian political parties. Besides being involved in political life, he translated many Ukrainian works into German and prepared the language handbook Ukrainisch (Ruthenisch): Methode Toussaint-Langenscheidt Sprachführer (1915).

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