Krystynopil Monastery

Image - Krystynopil Monastery of Saint George (1920s photo).

Krystynopil Monastery (Кристинопільський святоюрський монастир; Khrystynopilskyi sviatoiurskyi monastyr). A Basilian monastery founded in 1763 in Krystonopil (also known as Khrystynopil, now Chervonohrad), Galicia, by the Belz voivode Franciszek Salezy Potocki. Its patron is Saint George. The large baroque church was famous for its icon of the Mother of God, which attracted numerous pilgrims. The monastery’s valuable library contained several old parchment church books originally from the Basilian monastery in Horodyshche, eg, the Horodyshche Apostolos of the 12th century and the Horodyshche Gospel of the 12th–13th centuries. The monastery was abolished in 1946 by the Soviet government. In 1980 it was transformed into a branch of the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism. The monastery restored in 1989 and in 1990 all buildings were returned to the Basilian monastic order. In 1994 the Khrystynopil icon of the Mother of God was returned to the monastery and a boys’ lyceum was established there.

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