Kurdydyk, Yaroslav

Kurdydyk, Yaroslav (Курдидик, Ярослав; pseudonyms: Yaroslav Petrovych, Slavko, Maksym Bul'ka), b 6 March 1907 in Pidhaitsi, Galicia, d 1 August 1990 in Toronto, ONtario. Journalist and writer; brother of Anatol Kurdydyk. Having studied journalism at the Free Polish University in Warsaw (1929–31) and law at the University of Vienna (1932–3), he belonged to the literary group ‘12’ in Lviv and specialized in writing poetry and prose miniatures. He contributed literary pieces to the Lviv dailies Chas (1933–4) and Novyi chas (1934–9), and humorous sketches to Zyz. Emigrating to the United States of America after the Second World War, he contributed articles on military and political affairs to Svoboda and Vyzvol’nyi shliakh, and coedited the veterans’ monthly Peremoha. He wrote two collections of prose miniatures, Dva kulemety (Two Machine Guns, 1954) and Etiudy, Miniiatury (Etudes, Miniatures, 1955), and a collection of war poetry, Sertse i zbroia (Heart and Arms, 1976).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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