Kuzma, Oleksa

Kuzma, Oleksa [Кузьма, Олекса; Kuz'ma], b 1875 in Pecheniia, Zolochiv county, Galicia, d 22 May 1941 in Lviv. Journalist. He was a longtime contributor and member of the editorial board of the newspaper Dilo (1902–38) and the editor of Svoboda (Lviv) (1922–38), the official organ of the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance (from 1925). A captain of the Ukrainian Galician Army (UHA) during the Ukrainian struggle for independence (1917–20), he wrote the monograph Lystopadovi dni 1918 r. (The Days of November 1918, 1931; repr, 1960), an account of the 1918 November Uprising in Lviv and the Ukrainian seizure of power in the city, and numerous articles and essays on the history of the UHA in Dilo and elsewhere. He also published a collection of essays, Nacherky Oleksy Kuz'my (Sketches by Oleksa Kuzma, 1902), and several translations of foreign works for the Dilo book series of world literature.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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