Levytsky, Mykola H.

Levytsky, Mykola H. [Левицький, Микола Г.; Levyts’kyj], b 7 August 1883 in Khrinivka, Podilia gubernia, d (executed) 5 September 1939 in Soviet prison camp in Krasnoiarsk oblast, RSFSR. Lawyer and political leader. A member of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Workers' party, he sat on the Central Rada and represented the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR) at the negotiations with the Central Powers in Brest-Litovsk (see Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk). He served in the Hetman government as assistant director of the Department of External Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and took part in peace negotiations with Soviet Russia. Under the Directory of the Ukrainian National Republic he was a member of the UNR diplomatic mission in Paris. He returned to Ukraine in 1923 and worked in Kharkiv. After being arrested in 1931, he was sent to a prison camp in Krasnoiarsk krai, RSFSR, where he died several years later.

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