Lewicki, Anatol

Lewicki, Anatol, b 4 April 1841 in Prysivtsi, Zolochiv district, Galicia, d 25 April 1899 in Cracow. Polish historian of Ukrainian origin. The son of a Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest, he studied at Lviv University (1862–6) and was a gymnasium teacher in Peremyshl (1867–79) and Lviv (1879–83) before becoming a professor of history at Cracow University in 1883. He was elected a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1890. He wrote articles on the history of 14- to 16th-century Ukraine, coauthored a Polish secondary-school textbook on the history of Poland and adjacent Ruthenian lands, such as Rus’ voivodeship (1884; 7th edn 1917), and wrote books on ancient Peremyshl (1881) and Grand Duke Švitrigaila of Lithuania (1892). He also published a list of archival sources for Polish history.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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