Lviv National Medical University

Lviv National Medical University (Львівський національний медичний університет ім. Данила Галицького; Lvivskyi natsionalnyi medychnyi universytet im. Danyla Halytskoho). A higher education institution in Lviv. It was formed in 1939 out of the medical faculty of Lviv University, which was itself established in 1894 out of the Lviv Collegium Medicum (est 1773). The first institute of medical education in Ukraine, the Collegium Medicum, was incorporated into the medical faculty (est 1784) of Lviv University in 1817. Under both Austrian and Polish rule in Galicia, the number of Ukrainian medical students was restricted. Established following the Soviet occupation of Western Ukraine, the Lviv Medical Institute graduated 495 physicians in its first two years (1939–40). In 1996 the institute was upgraded into a university and was renamed the Lviv State Medical University. In 1998 the university was named after the ruler of the Principality of Galicia-Volhynia Danylo Romanovych and in 2003 it was granted a national university status and assumed its current name.

The university consists of five faculties—two general medicine faculties, and the stomatology, pharmacology, and continuing medical education faculties. It has three museums (anatomy, human diseases, and the history of the university), a large library (600,000 volumes), and four dispensaries, and it oversees 1,000 hospital beds. Its faculty has included Oleksander Makarchenko, Dmytro Panchenko, and Jakub Parnas. The enrollment is over 6,000.

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