Lviv State University of Physical Culture

Lviv State University of Physical Culture [Львівський державний університет фізичної культури; Lvivskyi derzhavnyi universytet fizychnoi kultury]. An institution of higher education founded in 1946 in Lviv as Lviv Institute of Physical Culture. Until August 1991 it was administered by the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR and acted also as a resource center for sports methodology that assisted sports teams in Ukraine and other parts of the USSR in training programs and in the study of theoretical and administrative questions regarding physical education. In 2006 the institute was reorganized into a university and assumed its present name. It has five faculties: sports, pedagogical, rehabilitation, tourism, as well as postgraduate and correspondence studies. Among over 20,000 of the university’s graduates there have been notable sport champions, such as the gymnast Viktor Chukarin and many others.

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