Malyi Rakovets archeological site

Malyi Rakovets archeological site [Стоянка Малий Раковець; Stoianka Malyi Rakovets]. An archeological site of the Paleolithic Period located near the village of Malyi Rakovets, Irshava raion, Transcarpathia oblast. The first Paleolithic obsidian tools were discovered near Malyi Rakovets in 1969. Subsequently, larger sites with numerous stone tools were found in 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, and 1989. The Malyi Rakovets archeological site, which produced tools dating back to the Acheulean culture and Mousterian culture, is related to two neighboring Paleolithic sites: the Korolevo archeological site and Rokosovo archeological site.

[This article was written in 2020.]

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