Markov, Mykhailo

Markov, Mykhailo [Марков, Михайло], b 1760 in Saint Petersburg, d 13 August 1819. Historian and administrator. He was procurator of Chernihiv gubernia (1794–7), director of Ukrainian schools in Little Russia gubernia (1800), and director of the Chernihiv gymnasium (1805–19). His studies of the Chernihiv region were among the first attempts at writing detailed regional histories of Ukraine based on primary sources. His works include O gorodakh i seleniiakh v Chernigovskoi gubernii, upominaemykh v Nestorovoi letopisi (About Towns and Settlements in Chernihiv Gubernia, Mentioned in Nestor’s Chronicle, 1813), an introduction to Little Russian (Ukrainian) history published in Ukrainskii vestnik (Kharkiv) in 1817, an article on the important monuments of Chernihiv, and several unpublished items.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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