Military Board of the Division Galizien

Military Board of the Division Galizien (Військова управа Дивізії Галичина; Viiskova uprava Dyvizii Halychyna). A committee formed in Lviv in April 1943 to help organize the Division Galizien. Later its activities included providing care and aid to soldiers’ families and satisfying the cultural needs of the division. It published the weekly paper Do peremohy (1943–5). The board consisted primarily of former officers of the Ukrainian Galician Army; its chairman was Col Alfred Bizanz, and its secretary was Capt Osyp Navrotsky. Its head office moved from Lviv (1943–4) to Luben and finally to Vienna. Besides a head office, it had a representative in each county of Galicia. The board dissolved itself on 22 August 1947 in Munich. Two books about the board were published in Toronto: by R. Krokhmaliuk in 1978 and by R. Kolisnyk in 1990.

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