Mokosh (aka Makosh). A goddess of fertility, water, and women in old Ukrainian mythology. According to folk belief she shears sheep and spins thread. The name itself is derived from the word combination maty kota ‘mother of the cat,’ that is, ‘mother of good fortune.’ She is related to Hecate and Aphrodite in classical mythology and to Zhyva and Morena in the western Slavic mythology. Mokosh is mentioned in the Primary Chronicle as among the chief gods, which include Perun, Khors, Dazhboh, and Stryboh. Some scholars believe that Mokosh was Perun's wife. She is depicted with a cornucopia on the Zbruch idol. In the 14th to 16th centuries her cult was transformed into that of Saint Parasceve, and 10 November (28 October os) was assigned as her feast day.

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