Image - Monastyryshche (Cherkasy oblast): Cultural centre.

Monastyryshche [Монастирище; Monastyryšče]. Map: V-10. A city (2017 pop 8,851) on the Konelia River and a raion center in Cherkasy oblast. Its name begins to appear in historical chronicles in the mid-16th century. During the Cossack-Polish War of 1648–57 Ivan Bohun defeated Stefan Czarniecki’s troops near Monastyryshche, on 20–21 March 1653. In the 18th century the inhabitants took part in several haidamaka uprisings led by Semen Palii and Maksym Zalizniak. Monastyryshche attained town status in 1811 and city status in 1985. Today the city has a machine-building factory and several food-processing plants. Archeologists have discovered a settlement from the Bronze Age near the city.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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