Morozenko, Stanyslav

Morozenko, Stanyslav (actual surname: Mrozowicki), b ? probably in Spas, Belz voivodeship, d 28 July 1649 in Zbarazh, Galicia. Cossack leader. He studied in Cracow and Padua, and served as a page in the court of Władysław IV Vasa and as a secretary for the Tarnowski, Ossoliński (to 1634), and Leszczyński (to 1638) families. Despite his Roman Catholic faith Morozenko espoused a Ukrainian territorial patriotism, and after reportedly serving as colonel of Chyhyryn regiment (from 1638 or 1645) he joined the 1648 uprising led by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky (see Cossack-Polish War). As colonel of Korsun regiment (August 1648 to April 1649), he (along with Maksym Kryvonis and Ivan Hanzha) played a key role in the liberation of Podilia and distinguished himself at the Battle of Pyliavtsi. He also took part as a cavalry commander in the Battle of Zboriv in August 1649, and was killed during the siege of Zbarazh. A historical song emerged about Morozenko and his heroic exploits; it was later embellished with details from the life of Cossack leader Nestor Morozenko (possibly his son; some Soviet sources confuse the two), who was brutally killed by Turkish janissaries after leading an unsuccessful uprising in Sharhorod in 1675.

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