Murashko, Pavlo

Murashko, Pavlo [Мурашко, Павло; Muraško], b 22 October 1939 in Prague. Literary scholar. He studied Ukrainian language and literature at Prešov University and Prague University, and received a PH D for his work on the life and works of Oleksander Oles. He taught at the Ukrainian gymnasium in Prešov and served as an editor of Duklia (also in Prešov). He arranged the publication of a number of works of Ukrainian samvydav in the West, including Ukraïns’kyi visnyk and Ivan Dziuba’s Internatsionalizm chy rusyfikatsiia? (Internationalism or Russification?), for which action he was arrested and imprisoned in 1972 for three years. After his release he remained in Czechoslovakia, working as a laborer and taking part in activities of the Charter 77 human rights defense group. He compiled Bibliohrafiia ukraïns'koï ta slov’ians'koï periodyky u praz'kii slov’ians'kii bibliotetsi (Bibliography of Ukrainian and Slavic Periodicals in the Slavic Library of Prague, 1990) and has contributed to Ukrainian periodicals in Czechoslovakia and later Czech Republic.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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