Duklia [«Дукля»]. A leading Ukrainian literary journal in Prešov, eastern Slovakia; named after the Duklia Pass in the Carpathian Mountains. Duklia first appeared as a quarterly in Russian in 1953. From 1960 it appeared every second month, and, from 1966, it has appeared entirely in Ukrainian. Until 1990 it was published by the Cultural Association of Ukrainian Workers; since that time by the Union of Ruthenian-Ukrainians of the Slovak Republic. From 1966 until the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, Duklia played a prominent role, mainly under the leadership of Orest Zilynsky, printing many contributions by the shistdesiatnyky writers from Soviet Ukraine and becoming the focal point for dissenting Ukrainians in Czechoslovakia. Its editor in chief at that time was Fedir Ivanchov, and Yurii Bacha, Yeva Biss, Vasyl Datsei, Pavlo Murashko, Ivan Matsynsky, Olena Rudlovchak, and I. Shelepets were on the editorial board. Since 1972 Fedir Kovach, M. Iliuk, and I. Yatskanyn have been the editors. Following the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia Duklia almost entirely lost its independent, creative spirit, but it became relevant again after the Velvet Revolution of 1989.

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